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The certificates obtained in this sector allow the company to manage important, complex works, putting all their experience at the service of customers and planners, to offer state-of- the-art solutions that will fulfil the need for efficiency and effectiveness. These are requirements that are now essential to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and are provided thanks to the high professional level of our management.

Obtaining certification with DNV is not only a way to fulfill an obligation or a bureaucratic process, it is much more: it is the first step on a path of growth aimed at the continuous improvement of business processes. Since 1998, the company Mulazzani is certified by DNV - Certificate n.CERT-03729-98-AQ-BOL-SINCERT in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 in the following products or services: "Management of the design and construction of new buildings residential, industrial and public utility. Realization of works of urbanization. "
The certificate S.O.A. is required according to the Presidential Decree January 25, 2000 n. 34 to participate in public works contracts worth more than 150.000 euros. The certificate S.O.A. replaces you immediately as required by the transitional arrangements currently in place and in particular the checks which the contracting entities should exercise about the technical and financial capacity, business for each contract. Companies with SOA, then, can participate in races without always having to prove their eligibility. The company since 2000 has the certificate SOA.
The National Association of Builders of which the Company is a partner  protects the interests of construction companies and has 20 regional bodies, 101 provinces and 20.000 associated construction companies of all sizes and specialization. In order to protect the members, the Association communicates daily with Political Institutions, Social and Cultural Rights. ANCE offers services to its members and the Enterprise Mulazzani has in fact a close relationship with this body of association for excellence.
Join to become part of the most important and prestigious organization of our country's interests.
Confindustria means 107.000 businesses of all sizes with a total of about 4.100.000 people.
A strong system eradicatonel territory that allows your partner to deal with colleagues. It gives the opportunity to receive advice and assistance to the Company effective in solving problems that companies encounter.
Allows you to get quick information and updated information on regulations, on the opportunities available and everything related to the business world. Through Confindustria you can have access to services specifically designed for businesses. These are the most important aspects that have led the company to association for over twenty years.